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Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Budget Conference for Financial Year 2024/2025

According to government budgeting cycle provision and Public Finance Management Act 2015, and as part of the consultative process, the Accounting Officer is required to prepare a Budget frame work (Budget Conference report) of the financial year preceding, which is used to inform the budget estimates for the following year, and in line with the above provision the Hospital Director Dr. Yayi Alfred, called for the hospital budget conference on Wednesday, 8th November, 2023  with the objective of;

  1. To share information and receive feedback on the performance of the Hospital in FY 2022/2023.
  2. To share information on the resource envelope and proposed allocations for Jinja RRH for FY 2024/25 and receive feedback from key stakeholders.
  3. To share challenges faced in health services delivery including unfunded priorities and seek solutions from stakeholders.
  4. To obtain feedback and commitments from development partners of the Hospital/ region.

Key stakeholders invited included Resident City Commissioner Jinja, City Clerk Jinja and staff, Jinja City Mayor, District Health Officers in Busoga region, Implementing Partners, Opinion and Religious Leaders, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Heads of Departments, Jinja Regional Referral Hospital Top Management, Area Managers, Members of Contract Committee.

The theme: “Full monetization of Uganda’s economy through commercial agriculture, industrialization, expanding and broadening services, digital transformation and market access”

The Principal Hospital Administrator and Head Finance & Administration, Mr. Semakula David in  his  presentation stated that the budget strategy for FY 2024/25 outlines the interventions required to achieve faster socio-economic transformation of Uganda. It is anchored on the objectives of the Third National Development Plan (NDPIII), NRM manifesto 2021-2026 and accelerating economic growth to expand the size of the economy to $500 billion in the medium term.

He also state that the program Interventions are to; Improve maternal, adolescent and child health services at all levels of care, improve the functionality of the system to deliver quality and affordable prevention, promotion, curative and palliative health care services, prevent and control Non- Communicable Diseases with specific focus or cancer, cardiovascular diseases and reduce the burden of communicable disease with focus on high burden diseases (malaria, HIV/AIDs, TB, neglected tropical disease, Hepatitis) epidemic prone diseases and malnutrition across all age group emphasizing primary health care approach.

Achievements in FY 2022-2023/ 2023-2024

  1. Renovation of surgical ward.
  2. Renovation of the main store.
  3. Procurement of a vehicle for the office of the Hospital Director.
  4. Construction of 64 capacity Orthopedic ward by Samuel Leeds Foundation.
  5. Remodeling and expansion of the Intensive care Unit.
  6. Construction of an oxygen plant.
  7. Installation and functionalization of the CT scan services.
  8. Establishment of Busoga Emergency Operational Centre
  9. Promotion and remuneration of staff in time.


  1. Dilapidated health Infrastructure.
  2. Inadequate development budget. In the whole Financial Year the hospital is allocated only 120m Ugx.
  3. Insecurity due to lack of fencing of the hospital land.
  4. Land grabbers and delayed settlement of land disputes which affected infrastructure development in the hospital.
  5. Inadequate budget for Non wage recurrent and medicines and sundries.
  6. Breakdown of the existing oxygen plant which affected Emergency Medical services.

Dr. Yayi Alfred - Hospital Director

Mr. Semakula David - Principal Hospital Administrator

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