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Being a regional centre of excellence in providing specialized and general health services for improved well being of the people of Busoga Region.


To increase access to all people in Busoga region to quality general and specialized health services.


To provide specialized and general health care, conduct training, research and support supervision to other health facilities in Busoga region to improve quality of services.

Core Values
Our core values reflect our passion for quality care and support us in our first priority – to promote the well-being of the people we serve.

  1. Compassion

    We seek to care to care for all as we wish to be treated by valuing and caring for every individual; being sensitive and attentive to their needs in a timely and appropriate manner.

  2. Professional & Excellence

    We do our best each day to improve all aspects of Jinja Regional Referral Hospital especially the services we provide to our clients by dedicating one’s best knowledge and skills to ensure best outcome and experience for clients and colleagues; staying professionally competent, seeking self improvement and development continually.

  3. Integrity

    We work to earn the trust of those we serve and strive to do what is right for them every time by upholding firm principles and high standards, demonstrating a high level of trust and honesty.

  4. Collaboration

    We work as a team and partner with other organizations to benefit our patients, their families, and the community by looking beyond oneself and working in partnership with others; building trust through openness and goodwill.

  5. Stewardship & Openness

    We develop and manage our human, financial, material, and other resources to benefit and support those we serve by being upfront and truthful in actions and words.

  6. Commitment & Respect

    We are dedicated to Jinja Regional Referral Hospital vision, Mission & objectives, and upholding the highest profession integrity. Every individual is treated with consideration and dignity.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To improve the quality and safety of hospital care.

  2. To contribute to scaling up critical Health Sector Strategic & Investment Plan (HSSIP) interventions.

  3. To strengthen research activities.

  4. To strengthen training of health workers.

  5. To strengthen collaboration with other hospitals and offer a supporting role to health facilities in catchment area.

  6. To improve effectiveness and efficiency of hospital services.

  7. To strengthen hospital partnerships.
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